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University Partners

Thank you for investing your time and passion into the future of our profession and the futures of our students.  


This page is for you and will soon be more developed with resources and information about our district and our programs. 


Our School Counseling Internship Program is continuously evolving and we welcome feedback from our University Partners and Interns. If you would like to provide feedback please email



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: If our institution would like to partner with SAUSD via an agreement or MOU whom shall we contact?

A: Please contact Alicia Skibby, Human Resources Coordinator to begin the process.


Q: If a student needs to complete observation hours do they need complete the application process?

A: No, If we have a current MOU/Agreement in place students can contact a campus directly to arrange for observation hours. In SAUSD observation hours are completed with a credentialed school counselor at their work site. Observation hours do not provide university students the opportunity to provide direct student services.



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