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The Reincarnation of the SAUSD School Counseling Handbook

Lore has it that before my time in the district SAUSD School Counselors began work on a School Counseling handbook when working with Ed Trust several years ago. Due to factors outside of our control the work was halted and the handbook rests in our google drive waiting for it's moment in the sun.

We want to honor the work School Counselors and HEC's who created the inaugural draft of the School Counseling Handbook. Many hours were spend creating content and collecting artifacts to propel our profession forward in Santa Ana. Yet today, we want to embrace the journey we're beginning with Dr. Hatch and the opportunity to resurrect the idea of a School Counseling Handbook.

We'll be working to create a comprehensive School Counseling Handbook in SAUSD. As we discussed in our PD with Dr. Hatch we'll be doing this work by committee in our School Counseling Leadership with an input and feedback cycle to our larger group. We'll be reviewing the content of the previous draft while also using the handbook template provided by Dr. Hatch.

If you'd like to see our progress click below. The draft will also remain linked in Resources & Tools.

If you would like to provide input and feedback into what you want from the handbook or what you believe should be in the handbook add it to the google doc below.

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