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Are you ready to present at a professional conference?

10/15/2018 - Update:

Conference: 2019 Collaboration in Common

Date: April 5-6 2019

Location: Petaluma Sheraton Hotel

Click here for the call for presenters

Deadline: Email by December 31st

*** CTA will sponsor hotel accommodations and mileage expenses for presenters***


If you've been to a professional conference and thought, "Hey! I can do that!" it may be time for you to apply to present at a professional conference.

Not only does presenting at a professional conference help share your best practices with other professionals it also bolsters your presenter skills, provides an opportunity to network with professionals from around the country, and builds your resume. Another benefit to presenting at professional conferences, discount registration. Many conferences waiver conference registration fees or offer deep discounts for presenters. If presenting at a professional conference interests you, you're in luck! 'Tis the season for conference proposals! Below you will find links and information for conferences currently accepting proposals and conferences that school counselors present at that will soon be opening their call for proposals.

In Santa Ana we do amazing things that are not common in our county or state. Programs like Joven Noble, Xinachtli, Restorative Practices, COST, MacTivities, Achieving College Partnership, the HEC position, our community partnerships for mental health counseling, Fly in Program, and on and on and on are SAUSD efforts to be celebrated and possibly shared with our fellow education colleagues. If you’re interested in sharing a best practice with your local, national, and global colleagues, I'm more than happy to assist you or your site with your proposal. Make sure to work with your site administration before applying to present-especially for out of area conference that may require travel and expenses. If you are selected to present please let us know, we'd love to support you.

Good Luck and Happy Applying!


Currently Open Calls for Proposals/Presenters

2019 Boost Conference

Conference Date: April 30 - May 3

Conference Location: Palm Springs, CA

Click here for more information

Presenter Application Deadline: October 31st

2019 California Student Mental Health Conference

Conference Date: January 22-23 2019

Conference Location: Sacramento, CA

Click here for the proposal application

Presenter Application Deadline: November 1st

2019 Educating for Careers

Conference Date: March 4-6

Conference Location: Sacramento, CA

Click here for more information

Presenter Application Deadline: November 10th

*** Teams accepted to present at Educating for Careers can work with Brandi and the CTE department to form their presentation and have their conference fees and travel expenses covered!***

2019 San Diego School Counseling Leadership Conference

Conference Date: February 14, 2019

Conference Location: San Diego

Click here for the application

Presenter Application Deadline: November 16th

2019 NACAC National Conference

Call for Proposals opens October 29th

Presenter Application Deadline: January 7, 2019

2019 Location: Louisville, Kentucky

2019 Dates: September 26-28

"Want to Present at NACAC 2019?" Video


Upcoming Call for Presenters

-Keep an eye out for these upcoming opportunities to present

2019 California Association of School Counselors

Should be sent to CASC members sometime in February via email

2019 Location: Riverside, CA

2020 American School Counselor Association

Keep a lookout in May-June via website

2020 Location: Seattle, Washington

2020 Dates: June 27-30

2019 California Association of Black School Educators

Keep a lookout around March 2019

2019 Location: TBD (Previous conference in San Diego)

2019 Dates: TBD (Previous conference in October)

For information please email:

2019 California Coalition of Early and Middle Colleges Annual Summit

Keep a lookout around May 2019

2019 Location:TBD

2019 Dates: TBD (Previous conferences in Sacramento and Ontario, CA)

2019 OC Counselor Symposium

Keep a look out around June via email from OCDE

2019 Location: Orange County CA

2019 Dates: TBD ( Typically beginning of November)

WACAC 2019 Super Conference

2019 Location: Phoenix, AZ

2019 Dates:May 20-22

2019 National MTSS Professional Learning Institute

2019 Dates: TBD(previous conference in July)

2019 Location: TBD (previous conference in Sacramento)

2019 National College Access Network

2019 Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

2019 Dates: September 16-18 2019

2019 National PBIS Conference

2019 Location: 2019 Chicago, Illinois

2019 Dates:October 3-4

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