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We all started somewhere...

... why not start in Santa Ana Unified?

Want to make a difference? So do we.

You started your school counseling program with big dreams and the hope to someday make a difference in the lives of students. We did too. Each and every school counselor in Santa Ana has been in your shoes at one point. Excited and at the same time a little nervous to embark on this next stage in your career.


Everyday we make a difference in the lives of our students and our community. But it doesn't stop there, we want to make a difference for our interns too. We want to pay it forward to the next generation of school counselors and help enrich our profession by providing meaningful internship opportunities and professional development to prepare you to serve the students and families of the future.

Grad school is hard.

Finding an internship site shouldn't be.

To look at our Intern recruitment flyer click here .


If you think you match what we're looking for, review the Process Guide  and complete the online application.  We'll match you with a counselor looking for an intern and help you set up an appointment to meet your prospective site supervisor. 

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